Cook Bros. Racing


CBR Q2 20 Millimeter Front Hub

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Grub Hub!

The Q2, is not, a cousin of R2-D2, it is his superior! The Cook Bros. Racing Q2 20 mm front hub is designed to be ultra stiff. They feature 36-hole drilling, compatibility with 20 mm axles and a cold-forged, one-piece hub shell that oozes classic Cook Bros. Racing style. Oh so tasty. 

A range of compatible Cook Bros. Racing axles are sold separately. The 20 mm axle is compatible with all Bottema and Race Inc. forks. For those using 10 mm /3/8” fork dropouts, Cook Bros. Racing adjustable 10, 15 and 20 mm axles are also available. We got you covered. 


Key Standouts

  • Two tone finish has you rolling in style not matter where.
  • 20 mm axle banishes unwanted flex, resulting in an ultra stiff, super fast ride.


  • Cold-forged, CNC machined, 6061 T-6 aluminum, one-piece hub bodies.
  • Oversized sealed bearings.
  • Fits 100 mm wide fork dropouts.
  • 36-hole drilling.
  • Compatible with Cook Bros. Racing 10, 15 and 20 mm adjustable through axles.
  • Two-tone anodized in silver with red, blue, gold, black or silver flanges with laser-etched graphics.