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CBR 15pcs Alloy Chainring Bolts

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We cooked up some tasty bolts for you to try!

Everybody’s favourite part of their bike! Okay, maybe not, but we dare you to try riding without them. CNC machined 7075 aluminum, these bolts are functional and stylish. They come in a bundle of 15 pieces, including 5 long front bolts and 5 deep back bolts and 5 shallow back bolts, ensuring proper fit with almost any spider and chainring combo.

Key Standouts

  • Available in anodized gold or silver.
  • Includes 5 long bolts plus 5 long and 5 shallow back bolts to ensure compatibility with almost any spider/chainring combos. We got you!


  • CNC machined from 7075 aluminum.
  • Kit includes five 8.5 mm long front bolts, five 6 mm backs and five 5 mm backs to fit just about any chainring crank combination, including chainrings with threaded holes.
  • Available in anodized gold or silver with laser-etched Cook Bros. Racing logos 

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